Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Preliminary Planning for Creative Communities

Tanya, Elliot and I met with Keith and Peter from Project Oasis to talk about how we might work together to catalyze the creative communities in Long Beach. The creative communities are pretty fragmented and we'd like to explore ways of bringing people together collaboratively.

So we decided to plan a connections event where we could all gather each of our networks to share a common vision, to meet each other, and begin a collaborative process. We're planning to have another meeting to touch bases and to begin functioning as a planning team.

We're looking forward to working with Project Oasis! On the same day that Catalyst hosted the Green Long Beach! Festival on May 9th in the East Village, they hosted the Top of the Town Festival on the North side of Long Beach. Both festivals brought together artists and musicians so we're going to continue working together cooperatively, not competitively.

Let's see if we can catalyze the creative communities to do the same.

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