Tuesday, July 21, 2009

GreenLB! Collaborative Community Mtg - July 2009

This was our second collaborative community meeting for Green Long Beach held at the Aquarium of the Pacific. We had over 40 people come out for the meeting. The six collaborative teams have been continuing to meet during June and July for strategic planning and implementation of their goals. Each team facilitator gave an update to everyone in the collaborative community on their progress. Afterwards, everyone broke out into the teams for further planning.

I was so proud of Elliot and all the GreenLB teams and facilitators! After months of helping to catalyze this community and empower leaders from within, I was able to take a hands-off role during this meeting. They all did a fantastic job!

Check out more pics of this awesome meeting here!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LBCreative! Collaborative Community Mtg - July 2009

We had a great first meeting last Wednesday to connect and begin the collaborative process of strengthening the arts and culture in Long Beach. Over 60 members of the creative community came together to share their visions and build new relationships. This led to the creation of 6 new collaborative teams that you can get involved with:

* Creative Art Spaces
* Cultural & Community Diversity
* Education & Workshops
* Festivals & Events
* Government Policy
* Green Art Movement

Check out our website at LBCreative.org for regular updates and details about each team. Check out a few more pics from the meeting here.

Stay connected,

Tanya Quinn
LBCreative! Catalyst

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Upcoming GreenLB! Mtg - July 2009

Our next Green Long Beach! Community meeting will be held next Tuesday, July 21st, 7:00pm at the Aquarium of the Pacific, 100 Aquarium Way, LB, CA 90802, in the Watershed Room. All are welcome! Please RSVP. This will be a time for reconnecting, meeting new people and organizations, sharing common vision for a green Long Beach, hearing about the progress of our collaborative teams, and advancing forward together.

Our collaborative teams have been meeting since our last community meeting together on May 28th. They are looking forward to updating everyone at next week's meeting. There are a lot of exciting things happening and there are a lot of ways that you can get involved to help Green Long Beach! So far, we have active teams for:
  • Green Restaurants Initiative
  • Bikes
  • Community Gardens/Green Spaces
  • Government Action Team
  • Food Co-op
  • Education

We'll have the notes from the team meetings up on the web site soon. If you would like to know more about a team or participate in a team, go to the Collaborative Projects page and contact a facilitator.

I'd appreciate it if you would RSVP for next week's collaborative community meeting on Tuesday, July 21st at 7pm by replying back to this email. If you have any questions, you can also contact me at (562) 786-3874.

Looking forward to seeing you all again! Together we can Green Long Beach!

Elliot Gonzales
Green Long Beach! catalyst

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Upcoming LBCreative! Meeting - July 2009

Hello Friends,

The LBCreative! Connections Meeting on Wednesday July 15th at 6:30pm, will take place in the Phantom Galleries at 390 E. 3rd Street (corner of Elm) in Downtown Long Beach. At the meeting we are asking you to list three things you would like to see happen within Long Beach's Creative Community over the next year. We would also like to know about any events or projects you are involved in over the next year to help promote them and connect with possible resources.

Please feel free to email us any responses to those requests above before-hand so we'll have lots of info to share during the meeting.

In the spirit of community, all our guests are invited to bring a dish to share for a Community Potluck!

Please RSVP for the meeting by emailing tanya.quinn@gocatalyst.org

Thank you very much and see you on the 15th!

Tanya Quinn
LBCreative! catalyst

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Catalyst Space Allowing Collaboration

There has been so much activity in our Catalyst Community lately! And the fun part is that I've been on vacation for two weeks!

So while I've been gone on a road trip from Chicago to Long Beach on vacation from July 1-11, there has been numerous collaborative team meetings led by many of the Green Long Beach team facilitators. They've all been using the Catalyst Space too to have their meetings which is exciting because this is what it's here for - to inspire and empower and resource people to be catalysts!

These teams for Green Long Beach have included a Government Action Team, the Co-ops Team, the Green Spaces/Community Gardens Team, the Green Restaurants Initiative Team, the Bikes Team, and the Education Team. Each team has been meeting in the Catalyst Space to conduct their strategic planning of their vision and projects.

In addition to the team facilitators making active use of the Catalyst Space, the community catalysts are also helping out to cultivate an awesome catalytic space for people in the community. Tanya has been working with the LBCreative! folks. Elliot has been working with the Green Long Beach! facilitators. Ty has been helping everyone out and really helping to maintain the Space. Ryan has been living into his new role as Catalyst's Operations Director and he's been taking care of much of the facilities issues for the Space.

All in all, I'm very excited that all this can be happening while I'm not even around. It's showing that a lot of the foundational ground work of investing in and empowering catalysts is paying off and bearing fruit.

BTW - vacation is awesome!

Monday, July 6, 2009

LBCreative! Media Advisory - July 2009


LBCreative! teams up to empower the creative community of Long Beach with a focus on strategic planning, communication and partnerships

LONG BEACH, CA - with a large community of active artists, musicians and creative talent that constantly has to leave the city to be recognized, we are left with the questions of why and how to fix this. LBCreative! is stepping up to address these issues and find solutions.

Catalyst Community, Project Oasis, Collective I and EPKVISION have partnered together to form LBCreative!, a collaborative network dedicated to strengthen the arts and culture within the city of Long Beach. “We’re hoping to build tangible connections between local artists, organizations and resources in an effort to create stronger outlets for Arts and Culture on all levels”, says Tanya Quinn of Catalyst Community.

The first LBCreative! Connections Meeting is set for Wednesday July 15th at 6:30pm in the Phantom Galleries at 390 E. 3rd Street (corner of Elm) in Downtown Long Beach. Guests will be asked for input regarding the future of the creative community of Long Beach, to post upcoming events, and get involved in breakout sessions addressing the most pressing issues.

For more information please contact Tanya Quinn at Tanya.quinn@GoCatalyst.org or visit www.LBCreative.org