Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Catalyst Space Allowing Collaboration

There has been so much activity in our Catalyst Community lately! And the fun part is that I've been on vacation for two weeks!

So while I've been gone on a road trip from Chicago to Long Beach on vacation from July 1-11, there has been numerous collaborative team meetings led by many of the Green Long Beach team facilitators. They've all been using the Catalyst Space too to have their meetings which is exciting because this is what it's here for - to inspire and empower and resource people to be catalysts!

These teams for Green Long Beach have included a Government Action Team, the Co-ops Team, the Green Spaces/Community Gardens Team, the Green Restaurants Initiative Team, the Bikes Team, and the Education Team. Each team has been meeting in the Catalyst Space to conduct their strategic planning of their vision and projects.

In addition to the team facilitators making active use of the Catalyst Space, the community catalysts are also helping out to cultivate an awesome catalytic space for people in the community. Tanya has been working with the LBCreative! folks. Elliot has been working with the Green Long Beach! facilitators. Ty has been helping everyone out and really helping to maintain the Space. Ryan has been living into his new role as Catalyst's Operations Director and he's been taking care of much of the facilities issues for the Space.

All in all, I'm very excited that all this can be happening while I'm not even around. It's showing that a lot of the foundational ground work of investing in and empowering catalysts is paying off and bearing fruit.

BTW - vacation is awesome!

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