Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Catalyst PulseCard - August 2009

The Community Pulse is a monthly multimedia compilation of quick updates and reports FROM the community ABOUT the community. Think of it as a catalyst-style non-email newsletter. Check out this month's Community Pulse here:

A PulseCard is what you'll see below. It contains vital signs of Catalyst Community. This is a quick way to see how Catalyst is doing - seen through the lens of relational impact.

Catalyst Community PulseCard
Vital Signs for August 2009

Building Relationships
-Were intentional about nurturing new friendships and building trust among community catalysts and members of the collaborative communities.

Establishing Partnerships
-Worked with over 60 people from more than 40 different community groups in 5 collaborative teams for Green Long Beach!
-Collaborated with 3 other groups to organize the first LBCreative meeting, bringing together over 60 local artists and organizations to form 6 new collaborative teams working to strengthen the arts and culture in our city.

Encouraging Contribution
-Empowered 4 new volunteer community catalysts, 15 new volunteer collaborative team facilitators.
-Had 10 individuals volunteer to support events, meetings, and work done at the new Catalyst Space.
-Received financial contributions donated by 2 individuals.

Inspiring Growth
-Coached 4 new community catalysts.
-Began to introduce catalytic concepts to community building.
-Encouraged catalysts to stretch past their comfort zones in public speaking and use of technology.
-Introduced a new strategic planning tool that community catalysts and team facilitators used with their teams.

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