Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green Long Beach! Festival Update 04.22.09

Hi GreenLB! friends,

I've got tons of fun festival updates for you (down below) but first I wanted to wish you a Happy Earth Day! Will you celebrate with us and help promote the Green Long Beach! Festival by changing your Facebook profile pic for the next several days to a GreenLB! logo or image? You can use one of the promo logo images in the FB event photo gallery or at the festival web site's promo page here:

Would you also please post the GreenLB! web site to your profile and ask your social networks to pass it on?

Huge thanks!

With limited resources it's amazing to see what we can produce and accomplish - both in our world and in an event.

The GreenLB! Team has been working on festival planning for only two months now and we're rapidly approaching our celebrations together on May 9th. I can tell you that it's been fun to see plans coming together in such a short period of time as we all draw on each others strengths, experience, and relationships to contribute to making the festival a success! We are literally simply working with what we've got so we invite as much support, resources and participation from everyone as possible!

This really is a local organic event as we are seeing local artists, organizations, businesses, residents and people who care about seeing a green Long Beach all pulling together to start an ongoing collaboration of green groups. We hope this will catalyze a conversation about working together to Green Long Beach!

I wanted to give you some quick updates:

* We have an exciting main stage entertainment line up with band and musician confirmations so far from:

+ Jack Maness
+ The Reactives
+ Kristi Jo
+ Trevor Green
+ Love Wings and the Deep Seed of Desire featuring Drew Brooks
+ Mulch
+ Llama Lipstick
+ Down & Dirty Dub
+ Miranda Rondeau
+ Big Moke & the Contract Killers
+ The Wandering Of
+ ...and a couple more that we're trying to secure confirmations from!

* We're planning a really fun festival finale with fire dancers Sirena Serpentina and a drum circle.

* We've got local artists teaming together to design an amazing creative landscape for the East Village.

* There will be lots of fun activities and workshops including:

+ GreenLB! Festival T-shirts on sale - get 'em cheaper by bringing your own T-shirt and we'll screen print it right on
+ Adult yoga in the morning at the Art Park
+ Speaker Daren Butler from Ecological Designs
+ Kids activities in the afternoon at the Art Park
+ Recycled crafts workshops
+ The 1st & Elm Organic Community Garden will be open
+ A Live Art Mural
+ Lots of local artists featuring their work
+ Henna artists
+ Workshops on organic foods and on urban herbalism
+ A fun "green march" is in the works
+ Fun street performers including A Delicate Balance of Sound, Wild Wood Border Morris, and hoop troupe Mademoiselles Monsoon
+ ...and TONS more!

* We've also got vendors and booths for you to check out. We've got room for night booths so check out the web site if your organization still needs to get in on all the fun!

There's SO MUCH more that's in the works. I'll try to keep you updated periodically so that you can help pass the word along about how much fun the festival is gonna be. We've been gradually updating the web site and I'm hoping to add pages for all the main stage bands and musicians, media, vendors and booths, activities, and other stuff. Stay tuned!

We need all the volunteers we can get so if you're available or if you know peeps, please let us know!

Remember to switch your profile pic to a GreenLB! image. ;)

Let's generate more buzz!

Thanks so much friends!

Eric Leocadio
GLB! Communications

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