Monday, May 4, 2009

Green Long Beach! Festival Update 05.04.09

Hi friends,

I remember first talking with Elliot Gonzales in February about his crazy idea for having a festival for local green groups in the community to get together and raise awareness about some really important issues that he cared passionately about - supporting the environment and appreciating the arts.

It was back in February when I decided that I wanted to be part of Elliot's vision and so Catalyst Community partnered with him to explore what this might look like.

But the thing is . . . he wanted to do it in May.

This May.

After laughing, whimpering, and crying, we rolled up our sleeves and assembled a team of passionate and talented folks to see if we can work towards making Elliot's picture of a locally-focused festival that supported a movement towards a green Long Beach a reality.

We knew that the festival would only be an event. But the more important goal was to have this event serve as a catalyst for ongoing conversation and collaboration among everyone who cared about a green Long Beach. That's what we're headed towards!

So the Festival planning team started work in March and in only two and a half months, there are now OVER 270 community groups, individuals, and businesses participating in making this all-day festival happen! These include 98 booths & vendors, 64 bands, musicians, performers, artists, speakers, and activity groups, 35 East Village businesses hosting an event or offering discounts to festival guests, 19 hosts and sponsors, and 60 festival team volunteers.

It is truly amazing to see how so many people stepped up to be part of this community vision!

The festival web site has been updated constantly these past few weeks and we've tried to put everything that's happening up there so that we can all see the amazing momentum that is happening. So go to the web site at to see all kinds of stuff on festival schedules, stage and activity times, participants, and more!

We are now only six days away from the festival. If you've already got something planned for Saturday, please come afterwards! The festival will run from 9am - 10pm. Be sure to bring your reusable water container, tote bag, and old cell phones for recycling. Ride your bike and get a free tune-up! Bring your own t-shirt after 4pm and get a $5 festival screen print on it.

Please help spread the word about the full day of fun this Saturday on May 9th. Grab a logo or image and change your profile pic for the rest of this week to help promote the festival. Post the web site link to your FB wall. Email your friends.


Eric Leocadio
Green Long Beach! Festival
Logistics Coordinator
Communications Director

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