Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Big Thanks for Festival Support

A message from Elliot Gonzales, festival organizer:

To all volunteers of the Green Long Beach! Festival,

Thank You!!!

Without your help this event would not have been as great as it was. If you were very busy, just imagine how much more difficult it would be to have done this without you. It was a pleasure working with every one of you and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves very much. The feedback for the event has been great with everyone already asking about next year. Next year? Let's finish this week first!

I hope that as you volunteered you also got the chance to meet other great members of your community. One of the broader, definite goals of Green Long Beach! is to bring together community and offer the experience to meet your neighbor. We are all one community and all human beings who need to take good care of all the creations of the planet, especially each other. You all did a great job in helping host the first community-based Green Long Beach! Festival ever.

We broke records:
  • Largest East Village farmer's market since it opened
  • Possibly most activity in the Art Park since it opened
  • Largest "green" event by and for the community in Long Beach - ever

We all did it, by taking some time from our busy lives to commit to something that helps everyone, something that created a vibe that is part of a movement. All over the world, people are waking up and seeing the need to do what they can to help change the way we live, not only to help our environment as in our planet, but our environment in the area around us, our communities. We are seeing how important it is to work together, that together we all bring something larger than ourselves into existence, and this, this my friends, is a beautiful thing.

Congratulations to you all for your help in putting on this event! Since there is not a single organizer, or single entity we can all take a bit of credit for our part in making this event such a success! You all did an amazing job and your hard work definitely paid off!

Let's continue to do our part and integrate respect and stewardship for our environment into our lifestyles and our communities. We will have a Post-Festival Meeting on May 28th, at 7pm location to be determined, we will send invites or evites and post it on the website. The purpose of this meeting is to connect and collaborate with other green groups. We can do anything we set our minds to - imagine when we all put our minds together. Hope to see you all on the 28th and thank you once again for making a difference.

Peace and Love,

Elliot Gonzales

Green Long Beach! catalyst

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