Monday, May 11, 2009

Post GreenLB! Festival

Wow, what a festival, right?! Thank you so much for being a part of it!

Among the many lessons we've learned in the short two and a half months of planning and organizing the festival, we've learned that we could not have accomplished what we've done without each other. Each of us has a collective contribution that builds our sense of community - that sense of common unity.

The festival wasn't just an event. It was a catalyst for ongoing collaboration to green Long Beach. As we move forward together, let's not just think of next year's festival. Rather, let's think of what we can do between now and the next festival. So what now?

1) A Home for Green Long Beach!

The festival started as a collaboration between individuals so it didn't really have a home, per se. Now that the event is done, we can continue to organize and collaborate together. Green Long Beach! will now be housed under the umbrella of Catalyst Community - a 501c3 non-profit organization. Read more about it here. Elliot Gonzales, the festival organizer, will still head up Green Long Beach! with the support of the Green Team (you!) and also the Catalyst Team.

This will give Green Long Beach! some stability.

2) Green Long Beach! Collaborative Meeting

We're all having a post-festival collaborative meeting on Thursday, May 28th at 7pm to begin an ongoing process for getting to know each other and strategically working to green Long Beach. We all comprise a wide array of community groups, businesses, and passionate individuals. We can do so much together! The location of the meeting will depend on how many people we can expect. So this means I'll need you to RSVP to let me know you're coming. I'll send location information to you later as we approach the date. Just save the date! =)

This will give Green Long Beach! some sustainability.

3) Festival Photos and Videos

The fun part after a festival event is seeing all the pics and vids! We've already posted over 120 festival pics over at Go check em out! We want to see your festival pics too! Anyone can add their festival photos to this same photo album by getting a gocatalyst login. Once you login to the site, you can add pics to any album or even create new albums of your other community events. So share your festival memories with the rest of the Green Long Beach! community!

I also added a photo album for the pre-festival meeting here.

I've got some cool videos of the festival that I'd like to put on youtube then share them on the site. I'll do that soon. But if you'd like to share your festival videos or share your videos from other community events, you can do it here.

What about We'll still have it! You'll start to see that website evolve from a festival event site into our Green Long Beach! Collaborative Community site.

So this will give Green Long Beach! some visibility.

What an exciting time this is! At the festival, we talked about how this is our time in the green movement to shift from individual responsibility to a community responsibility. What would it look like for a whole community to own being green? Imagine Long Beach becoming known as a "green city"?

Let's stay connected so that we can continue working together to green Long Beach!

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